Great minds think alike

Words of wisdom passed down in short phrases is a tradition that has been around as long as language itself. The problem with this sometimes, is that the meanings of different phrases get switched around, losing the original meaning. Often times, the phrases we use have the exact opposite meaning than we think it does.

Great minds think alike

When the people have an Imagine Spot coming up with "their idea", they're played by supermodels and are impeccably handsome.

In a This is SportsCenter commercial, Tim Lincecum tries to record his voicemail greeting, starting by calling himself several nicknames, including "Big Time Timmy Jim" Aisa Himegami suggests, "Perhaps that is his fate.

He raises flags with other people and goes down their story routes. Why am I experiencing such a happy event? I don't remember raising any flags like this at all.

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Shortly, Kagura arrives and suggests the same thing, thinking it would be a "killer idea". Ooh, the same wavelength! Errr, same as what?

Great minds think alike

Also, Sakaki and Osaka manage to independently imagine Chiyo's father in the exact same way. As a giant, floating orange cat thing.

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Well, we hope it's their imagination. At one point in the manga, Yukari stops in the middle of a lesson to muse about a tongue twister in the English version, it's "She sells seashells". The is also implied to be the reason why Osaka is so good at word puzzles and brain-twisters — the sideways logic patterns one usually has to take up to think of and solve them is just how she normally is.

During their tennis match, Light and L have almost identical internal monologues, without communicating. Of course the point of this is to illustrate that the two are Not So Different.

Light constantly pats himself on the back for choosing the morally uptight Teru Mikami to act on his behalf: Naturally, being the egotist he is, Light never considered the possibility that someone that acts so much like him could be a problem.

In one episode of Widget Series Ippatsu Kiki Musume, Kunyan wakes up with her hair caught in the drain of a bathtub filled with water, unable to free herself and facing imminent drowning. She "realizes" that since people take in air through their mouths and release it through their butts, she should be able to reverse the process of course it doesn't work.

Her friend Linda enters, realizes what's happening and Soon after, their friend Naja enters and, you guessed it, comes to the exact same conclusion, running off to get an enema in order to help save Kunyan. However, because Taiga refers to him as "her dog" much of the time, the dream features him getting a dog house, while his mother dressed as a dog shows off all of Taiga's puppies.

Taiga, also dressed as a dog, tells Ryuji they're his, which is when he wakes up. Moments later, Taiga tells Ryuji "I had an unpleasant dream.alike - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.

Great minds think alike - Wiktionary

Great minds don't think alike! Our mission is to teach students using diverse learning strategies, ignite their potential, and inspire academic, personal and social More.

Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Aug 06,  · great minds think alike (fools seldom differ) Used to emphasize a coincidence, or two people reaching the same conclusion in any manner at the same time.

Great minds think alike

Person A: He looks a bit like David Beckham. Creative quotes and quotations On Thinking Creativity means thinking, albeit in different ways to perhaps you usually think. But thinking it is, and much has been said about this subject. Upon using the phrase "great minds think alike" in chat today, I was informed that it is really a shortened version of "Great minds think alike, small minds rarely differ" or "Great minds think ali.

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