John pieterson and jack gack are both employees of steel

Automotive-type accelerator control ensures easy operation.

John pieterson and jack gack are both employees of steel

Edit Thunderbird tracks Blink In " eXposed ", Thunderbird, Eclipse and Polaris are in a race against the Atlanta police to track down an escaped mutant fugitive, Blink. With Thunderbird's tracking skills, he concludes that the fugitive must not be far from their position.

After locating her, they try to gain her trust by explaining that they are mutants as well. Eclipse and Polaris introduce themselves are Marcos and Lorna.

However, their introductory meeting is interrupted as the police have tracked them down at the abandoned workshop. They head into the main room.

Polaris steps out in front of the window and takes out the police cruisers. That's when the police open fire. Thunderbird then looks for a way out.

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They exit through the back, making a run for it. Despite their efforts, Eclipse is shot in the alley. Polaris, in a fit of blind rage, attacks the officer with great force. Distracted by her rage, more officers arrive and taser her.

Meanwhile, Thunderbird holds Eclipse back, knowing they can't do anything to save Polaris as she is apprehended, forcing them to leave her behind.

Marcos wants nothing more than to get a team together, but John is not convinced they can take on hundreds of cops when they were nearly subdued by merely a dozen of them at the abandoned workshop.

They can't afford to take that risk, not right now. When Sage comes in to alert them of a news story in Atlanta, where two mutant siblings, Andy and Lauren Struckercommitted an act of terrorism at the local high school.

With this, John and Marcos realize that their plans of rescuing Lorna will have to wait. Later in the night, Clarice goes to John to inform him of Marcos receiving a phone call and meeting the person about helping his family.

John wonders why she didn't tell him this before, to which she responds that Marcos told her not to. But after an hour had passed and he hadn't returned, trusting her judgment to do right by Lorna, she decided to tell him.

John pieterson and jack gack are both employees of steel

John then tells her that they have to go find him. John found Clarice, so he can certainly find Marcos.

John pieterson and jack gack are both employees of steel

Thunderbird's foresight Just as he said, Thunderbird and Blink manage to track them down, Eclipse and the Struckers, to a warehouse. When they arrive, Eclipse and the Struckers are already surrounded by Sentinel Services.

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